What is the best option Manual Car or automatic car?

Many will ask when buying a car which would be the best choice when choosing your future vehicle transmission.
Some believe that automatic cars are more comfortable to drive. Others however do not want to give up the habit of having a manual gear change. But whatever the choice, it is convenient to consider certain aspects that can help us make the best decision:
  1. Price wise, manual cars are usually cheaper in the uk as they involve less expenditure repairs.
  2. Also an experienced driver can change gears faster and whenever you want and you can choose to make a financial or sporty driving.
  3. Having a manual car, the options for engines and versions are wider. Meanwhile, the automatic vehicles tend to have more weight, so they tend to get worse if the performance does not go very power to spare.
  4. For resale, buyers tend to tilt for manual cars.

But automatic transmission cars have their advantages:

  1. Besetting lower consumption because it is more accurate than manual.
  2. lower stalls when starting and there is no possibility that we will go backwards on a ramp.
  3. The clutch is not usually spend prematurely as occurs in the manual car.
  4. Are safer to make overtaking on the road as it is not necessary to remove the steering wheel to shift gears. On long trips, the driver experiences a greater rest permanently at rest by having one of the two feet and when jamming, driving is made more enjoyable by not having to continually engage and disengage.
However, so far in the uk we have always triumphed manual shift cars. This might be the product of ignorance about the workings of automatic transmissions, or tradition or perhaps for fear of not getting used or because it is the concept that is less reliable. But these are just myths. Today, automatic cars have advanced so much that now the speed changes are more accurate and safer driving is, for example, when overtaking.
Perhaps it is time to leave behind the prejudices of such vehicles (automatic) and start thinking of them as a good option for the future. We already have this type of transmission in luxury cars SUVs etc, and gradually it will use half generalising, urban compact sedans and other models especially if used by gloucester cheltenham stroud car towing & bike breakdown recovery. Maybe this is a change of mind that allows us to think that the more simple things are better and operate two pedals are more comfortable than three.

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