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Tips To Drive Properly In Summer in Gloucestershire


The summer is here, the sun shines, the bags are packed, and can finally go away for vacation. Everyone maximize the holiday season and all the dream world with one thing reach the destination as soon as possible. But for holiday trips become a pleasure, it is essential to modify the behavior behind the wheel...

Protecting The Environment

A simple control of the pressure of the tyres is an environmental gesture. So if, as almost 65% of drivers you carry the wheels with little pressure, you should know that a bar under pressure with the recommended can reduce the lifetime of the wheels on 8,000 kilometers and carries a high consumption CO2. Savings, ecology and safety three excellent reasons to maintain the correct pressure wheels.

Smooth Driving To Save

The habits of driving are not always easy to change, and these influencing enough in the lifetime of the wheels. During the holidays, it's easier to calm the wheel forgetting the stress usually. To convince you, you should know that the wheels are spent five times faster than mountain road highway. So rather than get into a circle of accelerations and braking, better relax and think about the savings you can make driving more calm . So if your car ever breaks down in gloucestershire then you can call car recovery gloucester and be safe in the knowledge that your car will be towed to whichever destination in the uk that you want.

Beware Of Storms

While it is true that you can see a storm refreshing during the hot days of summer, vigilance is needed on the other side on a wet road. Even a weak rain summer should not be taken lightly, since 99% of accidents related to the wet roads occur because of a thin layer of water. Fat deposits and oil, as they get wet, they are transformed into a skating rink. The danger is greater if they keep the wheels of winter, as 100 km/ h, it takes an average of 6 meters stop the car.

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