Roadside assistance Gloucestershire & Rinspeed Squba, The First Underwater Flying Car

If you surprise the Sea Lion, the amazing amphibious car, what we bring you today not leave you indifferent. It's called Rinspeed sQuba and is presented as the first submersible car history. It was designed five years ago by a group of Swiss engineers were inspired, of course, in the fantastic underwater car that was driving James Bond in the film "The Spy Who Loved Me" in 1977.
The sQuba is powered by three electric motors (one for work surface and two that are responsible for moving the blades under water), is water resistant to 10 meters deep.

Like a fish in water

Displaying images carefully many may be wondering: why? Convertible the reason is simple: if the cab would be impossible to open the closed doors in an emergency, due to pressure.
It is therefore a matter of safety. Those traveling in the sQuba will have to get wet. Yes, include masks for underwater diving and ride tandem upholstery is made ​​of waterproof materials.
Despite how revolutionary the idea, there is a great imbalance between the maximum speeds this car towing vehicle can reach by land (about 120 km / h) and under water (only 6 km / h).
The sQuba was presented as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show 2008, but until now no one has dared yet to invest in it and make this project worthy of science fiction movie actually.
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One reason is the high market price that would reach each of its units of this model would, according to its creators, "a toy for the rich", inaccessible to other mortals.