Does the colour of your car reflects your personality?

What Colour is your car? Why did you choose that colour? Did you buy it in that colour by reason of stock or for some other reason? Many people recognize that buy your car in a certain colour based on stock and it is in these times raw save money on the purchase of our vehicle outside aesthetic reasons.
Generally the best selling cars are those coloured black, gray or white because these colours are enjoying greater stock at dealers.
If you are lucky you let you choose the colour of your car when you bought what colour did you choose? Cosmetic reasons or maybe it's that colour defines your personality ?

A study by the firm DuPont shows that the colour of the cars defined, in a way, the personality of the driver. Your car is orange? This study claims that if you selected that coloured a practical person. And when did you choose the red? Reds owners are enthusiastic, ambitious and impatient people. And what's more classic colours like silver or white? If your car is silver reflects this prosperity while if it is white means transition.
However, as we have said before, a large number of buyers purchase vehicles whose colour has not been chosen by himself, and that his decision was motivated by reasons of stock. Following this line what colour car has been the bestselling this year? The silver colour with 26% and the 24% black are the colours that top the list of bestselling followed by white and gray with 16%. The bolder colours like red or blue does not have many buyers, counting only 6% and 5% respectively.
What if your car is used? Do you also look at the colour? Normally buyers of used cars pay more attention to the features and performance of the car before its colour and if that colour does not convince you always have the option to paint the colour you like or best reflects your personality!

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All these data follow a study taking into account factors besides sales anthropology aesthetic elements but other factors such as the personal tastes of each buyer and undoubtedly the cost added by choosing certain colours should not be forgotten.

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